Sunday, July 7, 2013

Health Point Physiotherapy at the Vic Open Dancesport Championship

Health Point Physiotherapy had a wonderful time at the Vic Open Dancesport Championship held at the Kingston City Hall on Sunday 9 June. A real highlight was also handing out the awards to the winners at the end of the night.

Why is Clinical Pilates so important for dancers?

If you are a dancer, you will surely appreciate the importance of strength, flexibility, posture and agility. Muscle endurance, balance and coordination are equally important. Doing Clinical Pilates with us will help you to:

·         Improve your core stability and posture, helping you to recover from injuries, get back on the dance   floor sooner and prevent recurrences

·         Strengthen your upper and lower body

·         Improve your flexibility, balance, coordination and agility, helping you to perform at your absolute best

At Health Physiotherapy we have extensive experience in working with dancers and know what it takes to be one. One of our biggest goals when working with you will be to get you back on the dance floor, ensure 100% rehab and prevention of future recurrences.

We offer Clinical Pilates as well as general physiotherapy and electrotherapy. Our wide range of treatment methods allows us to find the perfect match for your problem. Find out more about us on

A bit of trivia for you:
Did you know that the origins of Pilates date back to World War I where Joseph Pilates, the founder of the method, was placed in an enemy camp on the Isle of Man? His background in gymnastics and study of anatomy and exercise gave him the ability to design exercises for others while there. In the 1920's he moved to New York where he began working with dancers. It was through the discovery of injuries related to reduced control in highly flexible performers that he developed exercises for stability rather than gross strength.


  1. I can understand the feelings of a dancer who work so hard to participate in a championship and in the ends finds himself out of contest due to stretching but Physiotherapy North Ryde knows better that how to provide the best possible health to the dancers so that they can participate with full enthusiasm in championships to earn their dignity and agility.