Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fruit and vegies - two important keys to a healthier you

We all know that eating fruit and vegies is important for good health. A popular statement is that eating 2-3 serves of fruit and 4-5 serves of vegetables daily is all that is required for a healthy diet. Yet is it really true?

Consider the following important aspects:

1. What proportion do raw and minimally processed fruit and vegies constitute in your daily ration?
  • Once foods are cooked they lose their essential vitamins and nutrients. Trying to eat as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible is therefore the key to a healthier life.

2. Some people may react negatively to certain fruits and vegetables. If you feel bloated or otherwise unwell after eating some fruit/vegies consult your doctor and get tested for food allergies. You can then avoid those particular ones and replace them with others.
  • Fructose intolerance is common
  • If you suffer fro diabetes you need to avoid fruits such as bananas and some others. Consult with your GP on this matter.
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