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What Is Electrotherapy?

At Health Point Physiotherapy we specialize in the use of electrotherapy (electrical energy) in the treatment of our patients. It is commonly used in the treatment of pain and inflammation associated with neck pain, back pain, osteoarthritis, post surgery rehabilitation and others.

Here is what some of our patients have said:

I arrived at Health Point Physiotherapy with severe lower back pain. I was assessed and a suitable treatment program was suggested to me. This included some sessions of Electrotherapy and Ultrasound. I am now pain free and the Physiotherapists are now working on increasing my core strength with exercises that I can do at home therefore helping me to maintain a healthy body” – Gloria Berriman


“As a full-time nurse in the Aged care facility and a mum to a toddler, I cannot afford to have a stiff and painful neck. The problems with my neck started a few years ago. I have tried heat packs, TENS machine, massages and usual physiotherapy – all of the therapies would provide only some relieve and just for a short time. The worst happened after the birth of my son two years ago: I have returned from the hospital with the stiff neck, unable to move or lay down, with constant pain accelerated on movement. Exhausted and without sleep (I could only manage by sitting on the couch trying not to move) I have tried all the usual therapies for four days with no success, when my mum suggested to visit Margarita. Margarita was so nice to see me on her day off. I was crying from the pain all the way to her clinic feeling every bump on the road. I could not believe that after 30 minutes session with her wonderful gadgets I felt better – the pain did not go away completely but the tension was almost gone and the pain level decreased significantly. 3 sessions later I felt like a new person.

She also treated successfully skin problems that I had. I call Margarita “My Magician” because I truly believe she is the one. I haven’t heard about any other physiotherapists that use same technology as she. I keep recommending Margarita to anybody who needs quick and effective treatment” - Anna Sheran


What is electrotherapy, when is it used and what are the benefits?


·         Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy in the treatment of various diseases and health disorders. It can also include the use of sound waves and magnetic fields.

·         It treats the cause not just the symptoms.

·         Electrotherapy can work in isolation or serve as an indispensable adjunct to other physiotherapy modalities, e.g. in combination with Clinical Pilates.

·         The benefits are: pain free; non invasive; non addictive; if medications are required, much lower concentrations are used compared to oral intake or injections.



When is Electrotherapy used in combination with Clinical Pilates?


In some cases Clinical Pilates is not initially recommended by our physiotherapists. This is mainly associated with significant inflammation and/or pain. Starting Clinical Pilates sessions at this time may cause pain and physical discomfort and aggravate the symptoms.


At the same time it is not the best tactic just to postpone Clinical Pilates until the symptoms disappear. Leaving the problem untreated could lead to the problem turning from acute to chronic. In these cases we initially use electrotherapy treatments which:

·         Help to eliminate/reduce the symptoms

·         Improve the physical condition of the patient


As soon as the symptoms are under control it’s possible to start Clinical Pilates. If necessary, the electrotherapy treatment can continue for a time in parallel with the Clinical Pilates sessions. Once both the physiotherapist and the patient are satisfied with the results of the treatment the electrotherapy is completely replaced with Clinical Pilates.


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